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A clean place is a

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We offer our cleaning and disinfection services in the Virginia area.


We have over 9 years of experience

With the highest standards of quality and qualified personnel, we provide residential
and commercial cleaning and disinfection services.

Bathroom cleaning and

Cabinet cleaning, Cleaning tile walls, bathtubs, showers and shower doors, Cleaning sinks, Cleaning and disinfecting floors and vacuuming carpets, Toilets thoroughly disinfected, Mirrors and chrome fixtures cleaned and shined

Bedrooms and Living

Changed sheets, vacuumed floors, stairs and closets, Vacuumed delicate items, Removed cobwebs, Hand cleaned flat surfaces, Vacuumed furniture, Hand cleaned baseboards, Made beds.

Office Cleaning:

Vacuuming of floors, stairs and closets, Dusting of delicate items, Emptying and disposal of trash, Cleaning of flat surfaces, Vacuuming of furniture, Hand wiped baseboards, Vacuumed and wiped computers.

Residential cleaning:

Daily, weekly or monthly residential cleaning, Special Occasions, cleaning required for 1 occasion only, moving and upholstery cleaning, interior and exterior window cleaning, exterior cleaning, terraces, patios and sidewalks.


We clean and disinfect
kitchen and dining areas

  1. Dish washing
  2. Emptying of garbage
  3. Cleaning of tables and chairs, blinds
  4. Cleaning the stove inside and out.
  5. Cleaning of microwave oven
  6. Cleaning of refrigerator and appliances
  7. Cleaning the exterior and interior of the kitchen
  8. Cleaning of trays or glass surfaces
  9. Cleaning and disinfection of worktops
  10. Vacuuming and mopping the floor
  11. Sink cleaning and chrome/stainless steel polishing.

Work we perform

  1. Commercial office cleaning
  2. Cleaning after construction works
  3. Cleaning of houses and offices for real estate agents
  4. Expert cleaning of computer surfaces
  5. Upholstery cleaning
  6. Commercial pressure washing
  7. Window cleaning in offices and homes.

Testimonial Google Reviews


I am very satisfied with the work of this company. They left my house spotless!


Julieth Miller

I am grateful for the disinfection and cleaning you did to my office, I will hire your services again.


Mary Cooper

Thank you for the professional cleaning service you performed in my house, you left everything completely clean and tidy.


Georgie Rogers

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